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Who is Ali Nuhu? Here is the Interesting Facts You Need to Know About King (Sarkin) of Kannywood.



Hello! Do you want to find out who is Ali Nuhu?

If you grew up in the Hausa land and happen to watch Hausa movies, you must have heard of Ali Nuhu. In this article, I will reveal to you who is Ali Nuhu? Here is the interesting facts you need to know about the king (sarkin) of kannywood.

Who is Ali Nuhu?

Ali Nuhu is a Kannywood and Nollywood Actor of Nigerian heritage. Ali was born in the year  1975, his father Nuhu Poloma and his mother Fatima Kaderam hailed from Gombe and Borno states respectively.

The popular Nigerian Actor was born in Borno state, his mother’s hometown. At the same time, Ali spent some time in Jos and gained a lot of experience that has helped him in the course of his career. He finally moved to Kano where he completed his secondary school. Ali,  obtained his first degree certificate in Geography from university of Jos, Plateau. After completing his first degree, he was posted to serve as National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) Member in Oyo state in 1998.

The Kannywood Superstar, attended University of Southern California where he obtained his second degree in film production and cinematic art.

Career: Ali Nuhu Movies

Kannywood films

Ali Nuhu started acting for Kannywood in Abin Sirrine. He became very popular after playing a magnificent role in Sangaya. He featured in popular Hausa movies like Abin Sirrine, Marainiya, Zarge, Sangaya, Wasila, Dijangala, Mujadala, Fil’azal and many more. Even with the emergence of many enthusiastic youngsters, the famous actor remains the most influential Hausa film actors in the world.

Nollywood Films

Additionally, when you are searching for an actor that can play an ingenious role in both Hausa and English movies, Ali Nuhu remains the favorite actor to give you the movie of your taste. He is a versatile actor, and he has extended his acting career to the southern part of Nigeria. Ali has featured in Nollywood movies like: One Lagos Night, Memories of My Heart, The Millions, Merry Men: The Real Yoruba Demons, Banana Island Ghost, Ojukokoro: Greed, I Voted Now Wetin, The Wedding Ring, Last Flight to Abuja and many more.

Is Ali Nuhu also a Director?

Ali does not only play the role of an actor, the multi-talented superstar has directed movies like: Gamu Nan Dai, Ni Da Ke Mun Dace, Mansoor, Adamsy, Bazan Barki Ba, mujadala,  Madubin Dubawa, Halacci,  Bana Bakwai, Bazan Barki Ba, and many more.


What are the awards won by Ali Nuhu?

Ali have won many awards in the journey of his career. Among many of the awards won by the elegant actor include: an award for the best upcoming actor at African Movie Academy Award (AMAA)  after displaying a mind-blowing role in Satinda (2007). Also, Ali received an honorary award from Northern Nigerian Students in India. It is important to mention that the genius actor is keeping the following awards in his cabinet:

1. Best Actor Award for Arewa Films-2005

2. The Future Award Best Actor -2008

3. Zulu African Film Academy Awards Best Actor (Indigenous)-2011

4. Best of Nollywood Awards Best Actor (Hausa)-2012

5. Nigeria Entertainment Awards Best Actor -2013

6. City People Entertainment Awards Kannywood Face -2013

7. Kannywood Awards Best Actor -2014

8. Leadership Awards Best Artiste-2014

9. City People Entertainment Awards Best Actor – 2014

10. City People Entertainment Awards Kannywood Face – 2014

11. Arewa Music and Movie Awards Pride of Kannywood – 2014

12. Arewa Music and Movie Awards Best Actor (Popular) – 2015

13. Nineteenth African Film Awards Most Outstanding Actor -2015

14. Best of Nollywood Awards Best Actor -2015

15. Kannywood Awards Best Actor -2015

16. 2015 City People Entertainment Awards Kannywood Personality -2015

17. Best of Nollywood Awards Best Actor (Hausa) -2016

18. Arewa Music and Movie Awards Best Actor -2016

19. Arewa Creative Industry Awards Entertainment Award- 2016

20. Wazobia FM’s COWA Awards Excellent Entertainer -2016

21. Northern Nigeria Peace Awards Best Actor -2017

22. City People Entertainment Awards Face of Kannywood -2017

23. Northern filmmakers-2021

Brands Ambassador: Ali Nuhu

Ali is an ambassador to globacom, Omo, Cherrie noodles, Pepsi, Royco, Samsung mobile phones, unity bank, Mc dream concept, and many more.

What are the social media handles of Ali Nuhu?

Ali Nuhu is also active on social media with the following handles:

Instagram account: @realalinuhu

His Twitter account: @alinuhu

Also, Ali’s facebook account: actoralinuh

What is Ali Nuhu’s Nickname and Social life?

The Nigerian Superstar earned his  Nickname as Sarki (king) of Kannywood because of his acting prowess and versatility as Director, Producer, writer and many more. His humility and commitment to promoting the Kannywood industry by empowering and mentoring youth has gained him a ton of respect from his colleagues. Ali Nuhu is regarded as one of the pioneers of Kannywood and stands as the most successful Hausa filmmaker. His cross carpeting between Kannywood and Nollywood has made him very popular not only to Nigerians but to the whole world at large.

Does Ali Nuhu own a Production company?

Ali is currently the most influential Actor in Kannywood. He founded his first film production company by the name Fatima Kaderam Digema (FKD), and the name was drafted in respect of his late Mother that passed away in 1999.

What is the name of the wife and children of Ali Nuhu?

Ali Nuhu got married to Maimuna Garba, and they were blessed with Fatima, Nawahir and Ahmad.

Does Ali Nuhu have siblings?

Ali Nuhu’s siblings are Ibrahim Nuhu and Amina Nuhu.

What is Ali Nuhu’s Net Worth?

The actor is reported to have a net worth of one million dollars.

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