Are cashews gluten free

are cashews gluten free

Introduction Many people are trying to find out this same question, are cashews gluten-free? Yes, of course, cashews are gluten-free and in this article, I will explain everything you need to know about cashews and gluten. Gluten is a protein found in wheat, barley, and rye that can cause severe health problems. Diseases like celiac […]

10 Ways to Get Rid of Body Odor  

ways to get rid of body odor

What is body Odor In this article, I will explain 10 ways to get rid of body odor. Body odor is the unpleasant smell that can sometimes be emitted from a person’s body. It is usually caused by the breakdown of sweat by bacteria on the skin. Everyone has bacteria on their skin, and when […]

30 Ways To Make Your Teeth Shine

ways to make your teeth shine

30 Ways To Make Your Teeth Shine Here are 30 ways to make your teeth shine: PART 1: First 15 Ways The first 15 ways to make your teeth shine are as follows: PART 2: Remaining 15 Ways The second 15 ways to make your teeth shine are as follows: You may also like to […]

Benefits of Yellow Watermelon

benefits of yellow watermelon

Introduction In this article, I will walk you through the benefits of yellow watermelon. Have you ever seen a yellow watermelon exists?  Did you know that the greasy and everlasting tasteful watermelon you know exists in many varieties. Yes of course, you heard me right. Watermelon exists in different colours and tastes.  In October 2021, […]

Nigella Sativa: Everything About Habbatus Sauda (Habbatus Soda)

nigella sativa everything about habbatus sauda

Introduction Nigella Sativa known as habbatus sauda or black cumin delivers a wide range of health benefits. The nut is very effective in curing and preventing diseases for many centuries. It acts as a natural remedy in your body due to its antioxidant activity. In this article, we are going to discuss everything you need […]

Benefits of Guinea Corn and Millet

millet and guinea corn

Introduction Guinea corn and Millet are fantastic sources of energy you can find from food. Guinea corn contains a lot of carbohydrates that can give you all the energy you need.  According to the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA), there is about 17.52% protein in guinea corn. Also, make sure you add guinea corn […]

20 Worst Foods to Eat During Pregnancy

worst foods to eat during pregnancy

Introduction  If you or your family member is pregnant, it’s important to know the worst foods to eat during pregnancy.  Eating the wrong food can easily affect the survival of the pregnancy, hence endangering the lives of both the mother and the child. Women can crave anything during pregnancy, and this does not exclude the […]

Foods with Enough Vitamin C

foods with enough vitamin c

Introduction Finding foods that will provide you with adequate Vitamin C is very easy these days. Vitamin C, also known as ascorbic acid, is vital in keeping human beings healthy. This great vitamin is found in fruits and vegetables. It is also a dietary supplement that can strengthen the immune system and protect the body […]

What to Eat After Workout in the Morning – Detail Guide

work out in the morning

Introduction Are you still thinking of what to eat after a workout in the morning? Are you aware that a professional athlete like Cristiano Ronaldo eats cheese, ham, fruits, and yoghurt with low fat as his breakfast? In this article, I will guide you on what you need to eat after morning exercise. Similarly, I […]

Benefits of Mixing Rice and Beans

rice and beans

Introduction It is indeed a known fact that the health benefits of mixing rice and bean in your diet are enormous due to the protein-rich content of the duo. Combining rice and beans in our meals is not only healthy but delicious when tasted.  There is no doubt that rice and beans are very popular […]