Does Sugar Cause Diabetes? Here is what you need to know

According to World Health Organization (WHO), the number of people with diabetes skyrocketed from 108million in 1980 to 422million in 2014. Many People kept asking if raw sugar can cause diabetes, here is what you need to know about sugar:

What is Diabetes?

Diabetes is a disease due to the body’s inability to process blood glucose. It can also be a result of the failure of the pancreas to produce the required insulin or when the body fails to process the insulin effectively. The produced insulin helps in transferring the glucose from the food you eat to your body cells. When the insulin produced by the pancreas is not sufficient, the glucose lag in your bloodstream. Your main source of energy comes from blood glucose as a result of the Food you eat (carbohydrates).

Glucose is a simple sugar found in carbohydrates, it’s an essential nutrient that supplies energy to our body cells. 

When diabetes is given Less attention, it can deteriorate to many diseases like cardiovascular attack, kidney failure, blindness, sexual dysfunction, nerves, and probably death. The mortality rate reaches 1.5 million death in 2019.

The estimated number of people with diabetes in the United States is about 34.2 million. In 2016, Nigeria was discovered to have an estimated number of 3.9million people with diabetes.

Types of Diabetes 

Type 1 diabetes

This is a result of high blood sugar in the body due to a deficiency of insulin production from the pancreas. In this case, there’s no insulin to push the glucose into your body cells which leads to more glucose in your system. The cause of type 1 diabetes is still unknown. There are currently over 9 million people with type 1 diabetes.


Type 2 Diabetes

This is due to insufficient insulin that pushes the blood glucose to the body cells to function effectively. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), more than 95% of people with diabetes have type 2 diabetes.

Gestational Diabetes 

This type of diabetes is found in pregnant women and it disappears after delivery. It may cause complications to the mother and the baby, and might develop into type 2 diabetes if not properly handled.

How to prevent type 2 diabetes

1. Healthy diet 

2. Frequent exercise

3. Avoid smoking 

4. Keep your weight under control (loose weight)


In conclusion, carbohydrate breaks down into glucose to provide energy to the body cells, and deficiency of insulin can block the movement of such glucose to its preferred destination. Thus, glucose will lag in the bloodstream causing diabetes, which is one of the deadly diseases that need special care to avoid its build-up. Additionally, diabetes can be treated, delayed, or prevented with proper attention.

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