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Get Paid by Quora Without Investing Any Money

As the global economy continues to fluctuate, it is important to explore a source of passive income that can help you to meet up with your bills. Simple tips on how to get paid by Quora without investing any money are as follows:

1. Sign up with Quora at

2. You can use your Google or Facebook accounts to sign up for Quora.

3. Find a topic you are passionate about.

4. Engage as many people as possible to establish a wider audience.

5. You can establish an audience by asking questions that can draw the attention of many people. You can also answer questions in different spaces.

6. One of the most popular methods of getting paid on Quora is by adding affiliate links.

7. Select a product that is related to the topic (questions) of discussion.

8. You can join affiliate programs like Amazon associates, and ClickBank to promote a product on Quora platform.

9. Additionally, you can drop your business website link to promote your products, under your questions.

10. Add your credentials to earn the trust of your audience. Be short and precise, most people don’t have time or patience to read a long answer.

11. Build your credibility by answering questions that best fit the required answer in simple terms.

12. As you continue with more engagements, Quora will invite you for their “Quora Partner Program” through your email to benefit from Adverts under your questions. Ads will be pasted by Quora under your questions, and you will be paid for them. According to Quora, Some people earned of 1000 dollars per month.

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