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How to Choose the Right School for your child.

Sometimes, it’s very frustrating to deal with the choice of the right school for your child. Finding the right school that matches your criteria involves deep research on the school you wish to take your child to. Therefore, you need to understand what those schools seek to offer for the period of academic delivery and make the right choice for your child.

In a nursery school setting, it’s expected that a child’s memory is fresh and needs new skills, this is a step where creativity is borne out of your child. Nursery schools are expected to teach your child to understand how to apply his or her initiative and come up with the best result. It’s also in a nursery school that your child should be introduced to new things about life, the planet, and himself. When choosing a nursery school for your child, you must bear in mind that it’s in a nursery school that your child needs to learn how to be creative.

In a primary school setting, your child would be taught how to communicate in his language and any other different language effectively. Primary schools should teach your child how to communicate effectively and offer the child a perfect background in Mathematics.

Secondary school is where your child learns deeper knowledge that will guide them in the future. This is a stage where your child needs to learn about people and how to relate with them. It’s a stage that unlocks your child’s super skills. Therefore, it’s important to be careful with your choice of school at this stage as the environment and the students will have a huge impact on your child. Also, at this stage, you need to know whether your child needs extra attention.

Steps on How to Choose the Right School for Your Child

Here is a step-by-step guide on how to choose the right Nursery, Primary and Secondary schools for your child.

  1. Confirm how secure is the environment.
  2. Curriculum implementation is also another factor you need to consider.
  3. Teacher-Student relationship
  4. Learning approach
  5. Academic tools
  6. Infrastructure
  7. Learning outcome
  8. School punishment book, you need to know how the school handles heinous crimes like cultism, drug abuse, rape, bullying, and many more.
  9. Feeding is also a very important subject to look at as eating a good diet will help boost your child’s academic performance.
  10. Teacher’s professionalism. Some schools hire teachers based on affordability and favor. You need to confirm if the teachers taking your child are good enough.
  11. School parents’ relationship is also a vital point to look at.
  12. What are the extracurricular activities the school used to engage its students?
  13. How does the school partake in field trips (excursions) and which area do they go to?
  14. Does the school have a library and how do they maintain it?
  15. How does the school manage its ICT facility and supervises the use of the internet?
  16. Does the school have a clinic and how fast do they respond to an emergency?
  17. Does the school offer an extra lesson to both slow and fast learners and what is the strategy they apply to make sure all their students are at the same pace?
  18. How good is the staff welfare in the school?
  19. Can you afford the school’s tuition fee?
  20. What is the school’s weekly routine activities?
  21. What is the general behavior of the students?
  22. How does the school handle decency of their staff?
  23. How frequently can you visit your child?
  24. Can anybody pick your child?
  25. How is the student’s turn out and how neat is the school?
  26. How does the school improve its teachers?

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