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How to Cut and Remove the Seeds of Pomegranate


In this article, I will guide you on how to cut and remove the seeds of pomegranates. A Pomegranate is a ball-like reddish or sometimes yellow fruit with small seeds under its inner coat. The Latin name of the pomegranate is called Punita Granatum. Some people describe the fruit as an apple with many seeds.

After cutting the pomegranate, you will see a transparent skin covering its seeds, and it is called Aril. This precious fruit belongs to the family of Lythraceae, and is also called “Roomãn” in Arabic.

Pomegranate seeds

I share the seeds of pomegranates into several chambers enclosed within its leathery skin. The taste of pomegranate is usually sweet and it might be sour at times.

pomegranate chambers
pomegranate chambers

Places you can find healthy Pomegranates

Fruit supermarket
Fruit supermarket

Pomegranate is becoming a popular fruit, we can find it almost in every part of the world. 

The top producers of pomegranate include India, Iran, Turkey, Spain, Egypt, China, the United States and many more.

Anytime I feel like eating a pomegranate, I go to supermarkets or fruit markets to buy it. We can find the fruit in many supermarkets and farms.

Plans on how to plant Pomegranates

pomegranate farm
pomegranate farm

It is important to know that to plant pomegranates, you need:

  • A land (fertile soil), 
  • Knowledge of the weather (preferably sunny or dry climate) which is conducive for the tree,
  • How long does it take the tree to grow(about two to three years), 
  • The type of fertilizer that can help the tree to survive and produce beautiful fruits.

Period of harvesting Pomegranates

After three years of planting pomegranates, it’s time to start benefiting from your efforts. The fruit is usually ripe for harvesting between July, and August to October. We have different varieties of pomegranate, and this may affect the period of harvesting the fruit.

Immediately you notice fruits that are ripe, pluck them out from the tree and leave the ones that are not. 

Additionally, you will see that the skin of those that are ripe is different from the ones that are not, their shape and colour will also change and it’s very easy to identify the ones that are ready to start giving you joy (taste or for money). 

After investing much of your efforts, you will then start searching for the pomegranate fruits that are ripe. It is simple to know which one to go for, check for the colours of pomegranates are darker and more developed. It is a sign that the fruit is ready for harvest, go ahead and pluck from the tree.

How long can you preserve Pomegranates

fruits fridge
fruits fridge

After plucking the fruit from the tree, keep it in a less temperate area. It usually takes up to two weeks before it gets spoiled.

If I keep my pomegranate in a freezer, it can last up to two months. It is important to know that after removing the seeds from its skin, you have reduced its longevity and even if you keep it in a fridge, it may not last longer than seven days.

You can also remove the seeds and put them in a plastic bag before you take it to the fridge. This method will also help you to preserve your pomegranate.

How to Cut and Remove the Seeds of Pomegranates

cut pomegranate
cut pomegranate

Pomegranate is round in shape, it’s outer skin is hard, and carries a crown-like shape at its tip. Here are tips on how to cut pomegranate:

  1. You need a bowl, Knife, Jug, Water, and a plate. 
  2. Wash the fruits from a bowl. 
  3. Pick one of the pomegranate fruit from the bowl after washing it. 
  4. Use the knife to cut the crown on the tip of the fruit. 
  5. After cutting the crown, you can go ahead and slice the fruit. At the tip of the fruit, where you cut crown, use the knife to slice (cut) fruit into two halves 
  6. While holding both halves together, turn to another direction and cut it again, making it into four equal halves. 
  7. If your intention is to prepare juice, you can gently remove the arils and put them in the Jug. 
  8. If your plan is to eat the fruit, you can still remove the seeds and keep them on the plate.

How to Process Pomegranates

Pomegranate can be eating by removing the seeds from the outer skin of the fruit. Also, you can process the fruit into juice. 

pomegranate juice
pomegranate juice

pomegranate juice 2
pomegranate juice 2

When to Eat Pomegranates

eat pomegranate
eat pomegranate

After learning how to cut pomegranate, the next important thing you need to learn is how to eat the fruit without any difficulty. 

As you cut the pomegranate into four equal pieces. Use the back of the knife to hit the hard skin covering the seeds. They will drop on the plate.

You can then go ahead and start enjoying the fruit.

In some cases, I add honey to the seeds. 

Health Benefits of Pomegranates

  • Pomegranate is an antioxidant 
  • It contains a significant amount of fibre
  • The fruit contains fatty acids
  • Pomegranate is also rich in magnesium.
  • Vitamin E is another important nutrient that can be found in pomegranate. 

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