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Investment Strategies that Will make you a Legitimate Millionaire

Reasons why you need to stop saving and start investing

Finding the right business to invest your hard-earned money in might be a tough task due to the fear of losing your money. However, this might paralyze your chances of achieving your dream. Here are some tips on investment ideas that might project you to the promised land.

Additionally, research has shown that the anger left in people that lost their money is more than the way they cheer their winnings. This lay the basis for why many people are afraid to invest their money even though there is a high chance of making a profit.

Other research has also shown that keeping your money in the bank is riskier than investing in stock markets, as you can never be able to keep pace with inflation. Saving your money in the bank will only make you poorer due to inflation. Millionaires borrow the money they saved in the bank to further enrich themselves. For example, if 100 people kept N10,000 each in the bank, this will be a total of 1,000,000. A millionaire will walk to the bank and request 1,000,000 at an interest rate of 10% or more. The bank will grant him the loan and he invests the money into the milk business. He sells the milk to you at a profit and then refunds the money he borrowed back to the bank with their interest. You can clearly see that an intelligent man has used the money you saved in the bank to collect more money from you.

Real Estate Strategy in Arewa

Anywhere you live in the world, you will discover that many houses are being built daily; this is an opportunity for you to grasp your chance. Here is the strategy you need to apply to start gaining a huge amount of income legally through house renting.

Strategy 1

Choose a location with a high-density population close to a market, airport, schools, and Federal government offices. Then open a real estate shop and make sure the government certifies you. Make your shop very attractive by decorating it with modern tools like a computer, refrigerator, video surveillance camera, television; connect satellite, and many other tools of your taste. This will show your new customers that you are a committed and serious person; it is also a sign that you are going to give them a house of their taste. Additionally, It’s also a testimony to the landlords that their house is going to be well well supervised. Start scouting for house owners and introduce yourself and what your business stands for. Adhere to honesty in your introduction, listen to their demands, and be frank about what you can deliver.

Once you start receiving customers, accept them with humility and ask for what they want. Listen to their demands, take them to the house of their choice, and thereafter mention all the terms and conditions of the landlord. Upon reaching an agreement, collect your payment, sign the relevant documents, and hand over the key to the customer.

Remember to remain honest in your deals. This is one of the most lucrative businesses that most people are not familiar with. You can start today!!

Strategy 2

This strategy looks into what Robert Kiyosaki described as Other People’s Money (OPM). You don’t use your money to become rich. Most people don’t know that the majority of the millionaires we have are either in debt or have borrowed initially to build their current kingdom. You borrow loans from banks to invest in a good deal while you use your money (assets) as a liability. Before I proceed, I need to enlighten you on the difference between an asset and liability. An asset takes money into your pocket, while liability takes away money from your pocket. Examples of liability include your house, your car, your wristwatch, and many more. You use more money to maintain those items, while an example of an asset includes your farm, the home you built and rented out, and many more, those items fetch your money into your pocket. You need to understand the deal before approaching any bank and be clear on what you stand to gain in return. Additionally, you need to equip yourself with the skill of how to convince the OPM to lend you that money.

Key points to look out for while searching for the property include maintenance, taxes, and the potential loss from non-rentals or houses that may not be rented on time.


In conclusion, you can never reach financial freedom if you solely rely on one source of income. You must do research and explore the opportunities around you, and real estate stands as the best opportunity to guide you to becoming a millionaire. Take action now!!

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