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Secrets to living a healthier and happier lifestyle.


In this article, I will reveal to you the secrets to living a healthier and happier lifestyle. When we buy a new car, we tend to read guidelines that will help us to maintain and sustain its durability for a longer period. Of Course, driving a car without proper guidance would increase the risk of losing the car in a very short time.

The same thing applies to our body, our body is like a new car that needs constant checks to make it last longer. To keep our bodies in shape, we need to adopt a healthy lifestyle if we wish to live a happier and longer life. Living a healthier and happier lifestyle is a matter of total dedication, commitment and will to achieve a target goal. To live happier, one must remain healthy. Unknown to us, those habits we constantly neglect seem to be the secret to our healthy living.

Secrets to Living a Healthier and Happier Lifestyle: Eating Habits 

Eating a healthy diet, regular exercises, medical check ups, having good friends, positive mindset, reading books, are but few among the habits that one needs to inculcate into his schedule.

One would imagine that eating everything available to him can boost his health, alas it’s the other way around. You need to set a timetable for your food routines, and make sure you eat immediately it’s time. Eating a food with enough vitamins and minerals will make your organs to function effectively. Therefore, you need to conduct a research on the foods that you should not skip in a day or week. 

Prevent Yourself from Danger

Avoid the following habits to protect yourself from danger that may affect your health or even lead you to death: smoking habits, drinking, stealing, lying, gambling, rough driving, keeping bad friends, self harm, suicidal thoughts,

Protect Your heart 

To protect your heart, you need to avoid keeping grudges, stress, and any act that may lead you into depression. Watching your diet is also very important in protecting your heart and body in general. 

Benefit of Sleep to our Health

Do you know that the recommended duration of sleep by Center for Disease Control (CDC) is 8hours? Yes, you heard me right. Well! you need to understand that sleep is a very important factor that can help you stay active physically and psychologically. Have you failed to grasp a point of your boss? Are you struggling to stay focused in a meeting? Are you constantly forgetting what you have read before exams? You are most likely blaming yourself for failing to meet up the set objectives.

Sufficient sleep can help your brain to stay focused while awake, it is a key factor for our mental health. I understood sleep to play a key role in helping the neurons’ communication. According to research, Lack of sufficient sleep may subdue the release of a hormone called insulin from the pancreas. Insulin helps in controlling glucose in our bloodstream. Also, insulin regulates body’s metabolism of fats, proteins and carbohydrates. Poor performance of such a very vital hormone will question our body’s capacity to function optimally. Thus, poor sleep can easily affect your mood and reduce your productivity. A good sleep is so significant and will assist you with accomplishing your health objectives.

How Can Sleep Affect Athletic Performance

If you are the type of person that deprives himself of enough sleep, your weakness would be obvious. As a sportsman, concentrating on gym and nutrition while neglecting sleep would lower your chances of achieving your goals. Paying less attention to sleep, affects your performance by causing early fatigue which may yield a negative result. This will affect your productivity and will stunt your target mission. Agencies like the American Academy of Sleep Medicine and the Sleep Research Society have recommended an average of 7 hours of sleep per night to maintain optimal performance. Also, having enough sleep can boost your immune system, and enough sleep for athletes should be 10 hours. American Academy of Pediatrics claimed that athletes that have slept for 8 hours a day have a 68% less injury rate than those that slept below that threshold.

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Conclusively, taking good care of our bodies can improve our health. Also, enough sleep can improve your performance in both academics and sports. Watching your lifestyle will boost your productivity at work, and your capacity to yield a positive outcome will greatly skyrocket.

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