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Affiliate marketing is currently among the generating passive income methods globally. The market industry is estimated to generate 8.2billion US dollars in 2022. As affiliate markets continue to help website owners to make more money online; it’s important to note that the market has given the producers wide publicity. Affiliate marketing is one of the easiest ways to promote and sell products online. In this article, I will give a comprehensive review of what you need to know about shareasale affiliate program. initially, we need to understand what is affiliate marketing.

What is affiliate marketing and what you need to know?

Affiliate marketing is the process of promoting a product to the consumer by a middle man in order to generate sales for the producer and earn a commission. It’s the work of an affiliate marketer to find a content creator and promote such a product thereby generating more sales for the producer. An affiliate marketer works like an intermediary between the producer and the consumer, he/she picks the product from the producer and convinces the consumer of the reasons why he or should buy the product. After selling the product, the affiliate will earn a commission for referring a customer. 

As an affiliate marketer, you must be honest with your clients. For people to trust you, it’s your duty to give an honest review about the product you are promoting. Your honesty will encourage your audience to stick to the current brand you are promoting and buy more products from your links. 

There are so many platforms that you can join as an affiliate marketer to promote their products, and one of them is Shareasale. It’s essential for you to know that finding the right partner (i.e good affiliate programs like Shareasale and many more) is key to your success in the journey of becoming an affiliate marketer. Shareasale stands among the most popular platforms that will help you to achieve your dreams. 

What is Shareasale?

Shareasale is a platform where affiliate marketers pick product links from merchants to promote in their blogs, websites and other social platforms in order to earn a commission after fulfilling the terms and conditions set by the appropriate parties. The company began operation around 2000. They monitor and connect producers with affiliates. Shareasale works with more than 16,500 businesses from different niches. Awin bought the company for USD 35 million in 2017. The programs offered to the affiliates include:

  • Pay per lead, 
  • Pay per sale and 
  • Click per lead. 

Shareasale allows you to withdraw after reaching the required threshold once in a month. I will shed more light on the payment methods later in this article.

How does Shareasale work?

To become an affiliate with Shareasale, you need to:

How to Sign up on Shareasale

1. log in to ShareASale

2. Also, you will see a sign-up box, click on it and you will be directed to the page below

3. Thereafter, add your website URL (address). The next step is to verify the type of language your website use. The next boxes are for yes or no answers, choose the right box that favours your niche. 


4. Enter your email address on the page below

5. Additionally, enter your valid contact address 


6. Finally, The next step is to add your contact address for receiving your payments. You can change the payment method after setting up the account. After filling the payment section, you click on complete sign up. The approval process may take longer or shorter periods. In my case, Shareasale approved my application within 48hrs. 


What you need to know after creating an account with Shareasale

As soon as you receive an email confirming your approval, it’s time to start earning. What you need to do, is sign into your account and search for merchants related to your Niche. You still need to click on “join the program” to seek the approval of the merchants to carry his links and refer customers to him. Once approved, go and make research about the merchant and his product before writing a review about the product. You also have an option to copy a banner and affiliate link to promote on your website. If there is no provision for banners, you can go to Canva which is an amazing website for making different types of banners to create something related to the product you are promoting. 

The next step is to install a plugin that can enable you to paste a link on your wordpress website. We have good WordPress plugins like autopilot (free), Advanced Ads (free) or Pretty links (paid) that you can install on your website. After installing the right plugin of your choice, you can start pasting your links and banners on your website. The plugins I mentioned are very easy to use. You can also sign up with to shorten your links and track your link’s performance. 

Shareasale affiliate programs: How do I Find the right products to promote?

It’s very important to choose a product you are passionate about. Additionally, you need to consider what may appeal to your audience, choosing the right product that is marketable to your audience is key to your success as an affiliate marketer. There is an estimate of more than 4,800 merchants you can choose from the Shareasale program. Some of the merchants you can promote in the Shareasale program includes Edelman, Tai Lopez and many more. Shareasale has made it very easy to find the right product that will sell easily, It’s your duty to check the programs and see the one that is sellable to your audience. While trying to join the programmes, some will accept you instantly while others will decline. Don’t be discouraged, it’s normal. You can join other programs on the same platform that offers the same or more commission.

Shareasale categorized their merchants according to your preferred niche. If you are into Education, you click on the education section to reveal all the merchants under that category. 

How can I set up an affiliate links?

To set up an affiliate links, you need to click on “GET LINKS” inside the merchant’s box of your choice. It will direct you to a page where you can generate a Text link, Banner or Custom Link. You can copy the long text or click on the URL to generate a shorter link. After copying your link, you can go ahead and paste on your website. 

Payment options

After reaching a payment trigger (Threshold), you can be able to receive payment via your Payoneer account (USD 50), Direct bank deposit, Postal mail, FedEx (USD 20), FedEx to Canada ( USD 35), International FedEx (USD 55) or wire deposit (USD 29).

Payment Period

The payment time frame is on monthly basis after reaching the threshold amount. 

Withdrawable Amount 

Depends on the payment method you choose. 


  • You have a variety of merchants to choose from 
  • The website is very easy to use. 
  • The sign-up process is not hard 
  • Different payment options 
  • Reliable Payment on a monthly basis 
  • The approval method doesn’t take time 
  • Variety of banners to choose from
  • New Website owners with low traffic can also join.


  • The website design has not been updated for a while
  • The payment option does not include a PayPal account.

Shareasale alternatives

Shareasale alternatives include Jvzoo, Commission Junction (CJ affiliates), impact, Clickbank, and many more. 

Good luck!

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