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Simple Steps to Recover Hacked WhatsApp Account

WhatsApp messenger became one of the major messaging tools worldwide. It has over 2 billion users from more than 180 countries. You can easily use the platform to receive or send text, video, audio or documents to your loved ones or your place of work. It’s very frustrating and quite disheartening when you keep seeing messages in groups you did not send or a friend calls you to confirm why you are requesting for money from them. The simplest ways to prevent or recover your hacked account are as follows:

1. Avoid accessing OTP you did not send.
2. Ensure to log out from a device you are no longer using.
3. Don’t allow people you don’t trust to have access to your phone. They might connect your barcode to their desktop or phone. 
4. Ensure to check your WhatsApp Web by tapping on the three dots beside the search bar and log out all devices you did signed into.
5. You can also log out and login again using codes sent to you via your mobile phone number.
6. You might need to wait for a week if they request you to authenticate your account using a two-step verification code you do not have. Ensure to set up a two-step verification code to secure the account henceforth.
7. To avoid people having access to your WhatsApp number on your stolen or lost phone/SIM card. You need to contact and request for deactivation of your account.
8. You can also assign a password to your SIM Card to secure your number from fraudulent acts. 

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