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The easiest way to make money on Instagram: How to earn 200 dollars per day from Instagram without any money 

In this article, I will share with you the easiest way to make money on Instagram. Instagram has become a platform where many brands market their products. Thus, influencers with genuine followers and an engaged audience have found an opportunity to make a huge amount of income. Influencers with followers of 7k to 100k can make 50 dollars and above per post depending on what they chose to charge the awarding company.

Cristiano Ronaldo is making over 1.7 million pounds per post according to Many celebrities and influencers on Instagram are making a huge amount of money. To join the cargo of social media influencing market, especially Instagram, and earn money, one needs to build a verifiable and acceptable profile that attracts an audience. To reach this stage, you will need patience, discipline, hard work, and a lot of research that will guide you to attract attention to your profile page. Here is a step-by-step guide on how to build your Instagram profile, gain more audience and engagements, and earn money:

How to Find the Right Content

To find the right Content, one needs to study his environment, his followers, understand his passion, and what makes your followers actively engage in your post. You also need to understand the trending topics and ask the opinions of your followers about a particular post(caption), this would encourage your followers to air their views on your caption and engage your post. You also need a good camera, and nice background to make your pictures very attractive.

How many posts do I need to make per Day?

Remember that your target is your audience and you need to continue to impress them with your posts, thus, post good content regularly. You may need to post up to 5 times a day to keep your followers engaged. 

Build a Good Profile

Your Instagram profile defines your content and this is the first stage towards gaining more followers to your profile. You need to have a very attractive profile picture that would make people check your bio and your content. After selecting your profile picture, you will need to build a good bio that will make your profile visitors want to know more about you by checking your posts.

How to Identify the Right Caption

To become an influencer is more than just sharing videos and pictures. Identifying the right, mind captivating and emotional caption that would make your followers engage with your post on regular basis is very important. You need to select the right caption that goes hand in hand with your post. You also need to be honest with your followers while trying to capture their attention, this would attract brands to request your services. Adding hashtags can also boost your audience. 

How Many Followers Do You Need to Start Making Money

According to Neil Patel, a digital marketing specialist, you can earn money with just 1000 followers. All you need is frequent engagement with your followers, once you have people that actively engaged your post, you have the potential to sell your services to companies that are looking to market their products. 

What are the Best Ways to Make Money on Instagram

You can earn money on Instagram via affiliate marketing services like Clickbank, amazon associates, and many more. To earn money through affiliate marketing, you have to open an account with those companies and start sharing the links on your Instagram page.  

Additionally, Sponsored posts, are another method that can fetch you dollars on Instagram. In this case, the companies will contact you after reviewing your page. You can also reach out to them and seek to advertise their products on your page, once your request is approved, money will start flowing to your account. Companies like Viral nation, Neoreach, Ubiquitous, the influencer marketing factory, marketplaces, and many more would connect you with partners. 

You can also sell your products on your page to earn money on Instagram. Additionally, by monetize your posts, companies will run ads on your videos that are up to 2 minutes and above. 

Post Instagram Stories on Daily Basis.

Posting Instagram stories on daily basis will boost your Audience. Avoid fake life and share your valid stories with your audience, your honesty will earn you more followers and sponsors. Your skills will attract the attention of many people. How Can I Earn 200 Dollars on Instagram Per Week

I know you must be wondering how to earn 200 dollars per week. After following the above steps diligently; you can target 100 dollars from sponsored posts, 50 dollars from affiliate marketing, 25 dollars by running ads on your videos, and 25 dollars from live videos (badge).

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