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Simple Tips That can Help You to Remember Everything You Read

Have you devoted your energy and time to reading all the materials given to you by your Lecturer but yet you couldn’t comprehend nor remember what you have read? Have you been to the exam hall and your brain is telling you that you haven’t read anything while the contrary is the case? After all, we all want to remember what we read to pass our exams. Here are simple tips on how to perfectly remember everything you read.

1. Have a Good Sleep

Research has shown that better sleep quality has a positive effect on academic performance. Create time for a sufficient sleep to enhance your concentration. It was also discovered that inadequate sleep may greatly reduce mental alertness. The recommended duration of sleep should be between 8 to 9 hours to achieve a positive result. Sufficient sleep will boost your brain performance.

2. Eat After waking up

Find something very nutritious to eat immediately you wake up, this will keep you active in your studies for a long time.

3. Drink Coffee

Drink a cup of coffee before you start reading. Caffeine is one of the drinks that helps in sustaining mental alertness. Drinking coffee will boost your mental alertness and proper concentration. This will help you to grasp everything you read.

4. Avoid Worries

Clear your head from all the worries of this world. Throw away all the problems that may become a hurdle to your progress.

5. Avoid a noisy environment

A noisy environment might distract your attention. Find a friendly quiet environment that will allow you to concentrate on your book.

The remaining methods are as follows:

  • Extract the headings(contents) of the material you are supposed to read
  • Browse internet (preferably youtube videos) on each of the headings briefly (this method will familiarize you with the topic)
  • Start reading ( Don’t apply unnecessary pressure on yourself, assume that you are going to teach someone after reading the material)
  • Take a 3 to 5 minutes break every 15minutes.
  • Read the material at least 4 times.
  • Extract your personal questions from the material.
  • Attempt answering those questions you drafted
  • Mark your answers unselfishly and take note of the areas you have weaknesses.
  • Repeat this method twice before the exam.

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