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Verifiable facts about Cancer You Need to Know

Verifiable Facts on Cancer

Here are fifteen facts you need to know about cancer:

1. Cancer can start from any organ of the body and subsequently grow larger. 

2. There is a stage called metastasizing which usually leads to death and for many types of cancer it’s called stage 4 cancer.

3. Cancer is ranked as the second lead of death all over the World.

5. The type of cancer usually found in men are prostate, lung, colorectal, bladder, liver, and skin cancer(melanoma). 

6. The type of cancer found in women include cervical, thyroid, breast, lung & bronchus, colorectal, liver, endometrial, ovarian, and skin cancer.

7. American clinical society of oncology stated that the average age of women diagnosed with colon cancer is 70 while 68 for men. Also, for rectal cancer, the average age is 63 for both men and women.

8. White women are more prone to breast cancer than black women. But breast cancer can lead to sudden death in black women.

9. Women having Human immune virus (HIV) are 6 times more prone to cervical cancer than those with HIV-negative status.

10. Cervical cancer can be treated if diagnosed and handled with proactive measures.

11. Smoking is more responsible for kidney cancer. 

12. Avoid unnecessary exposure to radiation around the head and neck to prevent thyroid cancer. 

13. Frequent exposure to ultraviolet radiation can lead to melanoma (skin cancer)

14. Neuroblastoma (cancer of immature nerve cells) is common in children.

15. Pituitary tumor is not termed cancer. On rare occasions, it can spread to different parts of the body like cancer.

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