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Are you still thinking of what to eat after a workout in the morning? Are you aware that a professional athlete like Cristiano Ronaldo eats cheese, ham, fruits, and yoghurt with low fat as his breakfast? In this article, I will guide you on what you need to eat after morning exercise.

Similarly, I will also share information on meals you need to avoid after concluding your workout in the morning.

According to research, about 13.5% of athletes are having eating disorders. This leads to Relative Energy Deficiency in Sport (RED-S) 

Our body is like a machine. Once you use it, you will need to refuel it for optimal performance. This is because it will convert the food you ate before going for the exercise into fuel during the during exercise.

Therefore, you need to give the body (engine) more fuel to simplify the remaining tasks on your schedule for the day.

Finding the right meal after a workout might be difficult for most of the times. This is because you went to the exercise to either lose weight, improve your health status, or maintain your current body shape. 

At the end of your exercise, your mind will start asking you question like what if the food I eat after my workout cancels and even add more unnecessary junk to my body? 

Thus, give all necessary attention to the food you eat after your exercise to avoid adding more junk food that would rather accumulate more fat on your body? Hence, rendering your exercise useless.

So, before you consider your next meal after a workout in the morning. Think of the type of exercise you will do and how long it will take you to finish.

After finishing your workout in the morning, your muscles will get tired and you have to make them recover. To make your muscles recover after a workout in the morning, consider eating the right food.

Factors for Choosing Your Meals

Our body needs carbohydrates and fluids to re-energise itself. This is because they can help you remain active and focused on the remaining activities of the day. 

Now, here are some important factors to consider while choosing your meals: 

What Foods to Eat After a Workout to Prevent Dehydration and Muscle Soreness.

While driving your car, the more you push on the engine, the more you release unwanted substances and burn your fuel. 

The same thing applies to your body, it releases unwanted substances like sweat. Hence, you may likely experience dehydration after you work out in the morning. 

Because of dehydration, your body may experience thirst, dry mouth, fatigue, dizziness, lightheadedness and in some cases confusion as soon as you workout in the morning.

Thus, it’s important to give more attention to breakfast with a high percentage of water when you finish your exercise to prevent dehydration.

Also, it’s important to know that some of the foods we eat contain a percentage of water. These include:

Importance of Consuming Enough Water After a Workout

what to eat after a workout in the morning

Water is very important for you to stay healthy. After your workout, you will lose bodily fluids and electrolytes in the form of perspiration or breathing. Therefore, water is very important for your survival. 

About 60% of your body is made up of water. At the end of your exercise, you need to drink 2 cups of water after losing weight of one pound. Hence, drinking water after a workout will help your body system to regain its lost fluid. 

Now, water helps your body in:

Moreover, by drinking water you are influencing the aforementioned functions to work properly when you.

Here are some of the fluids to drink after a workout in the morning to help prevent dehydration and also regain your energy:

The Importance of Consuming Protein After a Workout in the Morning.

protein for post workout in the morning

Protein plays a vital role in your body. It helps in replenishing your body tissues and serves as a fuel that helps your body to function effectively.

Eating a protein-rich breakfast is very important for your body. Protein has many benefits to your body and one of them is the movement of oxygen during blood circulation. 

Protein can also help your body to:

Some of the protein-rich food you need to eat after an exercise in the morning include:

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Benefits of consuming carbohydrates after a workout

what to eat after a workout in the morning

Carbohydrates are the most essential fuel that drives your energy. It gives you the energy you need for your body to function.

Functions of carbohydrates in the body include:

Recommended Carbohydrates after work out in the morning are:

Importance of Consuming Fats After a Workout.

Eating breakfast that contains fat is not advisable after your morning exercise. This is because fats can affect and delay the digestion of your food,  which will slow the delivery of essential nutrients (like protein and carbohydrates) to your muscles.

For every gram of fats, there are 9 calories of energy, which means that there is an additional 5 calories of energy compared to carbohydrates (4cal) and protein (4cal).

You may also need to avoid eating fats after your workout in the morning.

Importance of consuming fruits and vegetables after a workout.

what to eat after a workout in the morning

Are you looking for a way to increase minerals, vitamins, and fibres in your diet? Thus, start adding fruit and vegetables to your diet. 

Benefits of fruits and vegetables to your body include:

As you can see from the above points mentioned, adding fruits and vegetables to your breakfast after a morning workout would help you to achieve a fit and healthy body. 

Recommended vegetables and fruits after a workout in the morning are:

Importance of consuming snacks after a workout

Choosing the right snack after a workout in the morning is also very important for you to recover your depleted energy, and even give room for your muscles to recover faster. 

Here are some snacks for you after an exercise in the morning:

Ensure to seek an advice from an expert before you chose what to eat after a workout in the morning.

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