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Yan Matan Arewa (Northern Women): The Epitome of Humility and Virtue


Hello! I know you are here to know more about Yan Matan Arewa (Northern Women): The epitome of humility and virtue. 

Before writing this article, I listened to the opinion of Arewa men. I drafted a form and gave them to fill out. After collecting the forms, I found out that 163 of the 200 men felt so lucky to be married to Yan Matan Arewa.

Yan Matan Arewa are one of the most wonderful women you can meet. They are natural, beautiful, peaceful, decent, supportive, authentic, passionate and any other positive trait you would find in a woman.

I had a discussion with someone from southern Nigeria, and here is one of the things he had to say: “my previous relationship always makes me feel insecure, I often ask myself what is wrong with me? To God be the glory! I have now met my angel in an honest Arewa woman that makes me believe in myself every single day”.

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Yan Matan Arewa are Honest

Honesty is one of the pillars of a positive relationship, be it with your family or friends. It builds trust and depletes our insecurity. When we talk about honesty, we are simply referring to the bluntness of one party to stand by the truth at all costs. 

This is something rare in people, and you can hardly find a group of people that are completely honest with each other.

It’s indeed a thing of joy to see that the majority of members of a group are honest. To Yan Matan Arewa, honesty is their virtue, and they seem to be proud of it.

Why did I make the above statement? The answer is simple. This is not something I read, I pass through the “experience” which they say is a mother of all learning methods. An Arewa woman raised me, and one of the most beautiful lessons she taught me is about honesty. 

I looked up to how she dared to tell the truth about everything. The fairness in everything she handles is an extraordinary behaviour to learn from.

From the forms I submitted to the 200 Arewa men, I left a space for them to indicate the level of honesty of their women. One hundred and fifty-three (153) of them acknowledge the honesty of their women. 

Also, an Arewa Man told me that he can confidently keep his money anywhere in his house because his wife has never given him any reason not to trust her.

in a different interview, another man told me that his wife would always request for the exact amount of money she needs to go to the market. When he realized what she was doing, he decided to double the figures for her. She will still return the change back to him. He kept telling her that she doesn’t need to return any change, but she still does and he doesn’t collect it. 

I have also engaged another man, and his views about Yan Matan arewa are the same. His experience with honesty is hilarious, he asked me: “do you know we have many perverts on social media right?” I nodded my head in ignorance. He then continued, I knew about it because my wife will always show me the messages sent by those men before blocking them. He affirms, that his wife is extraordinary when it comes to honesty. 

A woman raised in remote Arewa will not cheat on you. This is because of the good upbringing they usually receive from their parents.

I was of the opinion that it’s only women from our family that are honest. The truth hit me, as I continued to interact with more Arewa women.

I have also interacted with men that are currently in a relationship with Yan Matan Arewa. They revealed to me that Yan Matan Arewa will always seek a healthy relationship bonded with honesty.

The honesty of the Arewa women has continued to earn them respect from their friends and family and every part of the world they found themselves in. 

Yan Matan Arewa are Loyal

Loyalty is a way of devoting yourself to someone you trust. Yan Matan Arewa are a perfect example of a faithful woman. It takes courage to be loyal and faithful to someone till eternity. The men are allowed to marry more wives. Of course, it will shatter them at first, but the majority of them handle it in a mature manner. This act might break their spirit, but it doesn’t break their loyalty to their men. 

 An Arewa woman can date one man for many years hoping it will end in a marriage. There are many scenarios where some women caught their men cheating, but they still stick to the marriage. Yan Matan Arewa can marry a poor man and support him until the end.

They can be loyal to a man without hoping for anything in return but love. Yan Matan Arewa are the sweetest women you can meet.

I have personally met many women that stick to their men even though the men cannot give them children and they never complained. They can easily opt out of the relationship but many of them choose to stay.

My secondary school classmate had an accident and lost his sense of touch, his wife stayed and supported him for almost 10 years. It will shock you to know that he had an accident 8 months after they got married. He was considerate and pleaded with her not to waste her youth, told her to find another man and start her life afresh. She refused to leave. She stayed and supported him until the end. 

That’s an Arewa woman for you. 

When you spend a week with an Arewa woman, you will be impressed with their level of commitment. An Arewa woman that grows up in a rural area does not go around condemning other people. 

Yan Matan Arewa are Authentic 

Genuine and original are the perfect words that fit Yan Matan Arewa. Arewa women don’t wear a wig. And also, Yan Matan Arewa doesn’t do plastic surgery. 

The majority of Arewa women don’t add heavy make-up unless during a wedding event. This is not to erase the minority that does. They are naturally beautiful in and out, they are unique in their own way.

Emotional intelligence and Empathy 

The level of self-regulation, confidence, social skills and consciousness of Arewa women is top-notch. Arewa women can tactfully manage their emotions and the emotions of the surrounding people. 

An Arewa mother can control her emotions for the benefit of her family. Also, they don’t allow their temper to control their decisions and actions.

Yan Matan Arewa are Loving and Passionate

It’s a constant habit by Yan Matan Arewa to show their affection and deep care towards their family and friends. They are passionate and can sacrifice anything for the sake of their loved ones.

An Arewa mother can give everything for the sake of her family. They are selfless and don’t see anything in the sacrifices they make for their loved ones. They are passionate and lovely.

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Yan Matan Arewa are Thankful

A woman from Arewa will show you her gratitude for every kindness you offer to her.

No matter how small your gift to an Arewa woman, she will definitely appreciate it.

The majority of Arewa women will never request anything from you. And when you decide to offer them a gift, they don’t see it as an entitlement.

They appreciate you immensely. 

They are Supportive

When an Arewa woman makes up her mind to be with you, she will support you until the end. 

Arewa Women are Brilliant

Yan Matan Arewa are very brilliant and intelligent. 


An Arewa woman can overlook the wrong you did to her in order for peace to reign. When she sees you in agony, she comes running to offer you shelter. 

The majority of Arewa women are very kind. They are always there for the people that need them. 


Selfless, the motivation to be there for someone before your personal needs. This is also another perfect description of Yan Matan Arewa. Their family and friends are their priorities before themselves. 


Whether in the village or in the city, Yan Matan Arewa are classy. 

Here are my reasons, Arewa women like to be stylish and exude perfect elegance. 

They speak with a calm and coordinated voice. 

You will hardly see them shouting even in the midst of their siblings. 

An Arewa woman’s words will give you goosebumps.

They walk majestically irrespective of their status. 

An Arewa woman is not cheap to get, you will need to work hard to earn their attention. 

If you are looking for an irresponsible Arewa woman, then your chances of success are 20 per cent or even lower.

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Most people describe shyness as a positive trait that helps you to do the right thing. 

Yan Matan Arewa are very shy, they hardly tell you how they feel. They do it to protect their self-respect.

A shy person listens to people more, it doesn’t stop them from being confident. They only care to speak when you try to demean their self-respect.

This is because a shy person knows there are things that can easily deplete their self-respect once it’s being said. 


Just like any other person, I have seen this trait in all the surrounding Arewa women. They are ambitious, they want to succeed, and they fight till the end.

Even in villages, you will see Arewa women sewing clothes, sewing caps for men, selling of food (talle), and many other entrepreneurial businesses. We fault the way they use their children for “Talle” to sell food in the market, but we cannot take away their persistence to be successful. The zeal of those women to succeed is inspiring. They put in every effort to make sure their children get the best when it’s time for their marriage. 

On the other side, when you go to the cities. You will also see the number of Arewa women flooding into entrepreneurship. The Arewa women in schools, businesses, banks, government and other places are doing well to achieve their dream. 


Yan Matan Arewa cannot do what will bring shame to themselves or their family.

When it comes to decency, they are not left behind. They dress in a manner you will think they are the queens of a certain kingdom.

Additionally, having a conversation with Yan Matan Arewa would show you the decency and good upbringing they had in censoring what comes out of their mouth. The majority of Yan Matan Arewa don’t talk recklessly.

The majority of those women are decent and don’t engage in premarital sex.

Of the 200 Arewa men I interviewed, 139 of them assured me that they can vouch for their wives. 

This is to tell you the level of self-respect that an average Arewa woman stands for.

For the sake of this article, I decided to send men to scout state capitals in Arewa. 

Our goal was to compare the number of Yan Matan Arewa that comes on the street as sex workers.

To our surprise, their number is non-existent in many state capitals, and the number is insignificant in the few states where the scouts found them.

After reading this article, it is very easy to conclude that Yan Matan Arewa are the best women you can come across

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